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The worlds of perfume and whisky are surprisingly similar. The senses of smell and taste are physically linked.

Roja Dove, Master Perfumer, owner of the Haute Parfumerie in Harrods and creator of an eponymous range of fragrances, has been working with The Macallan to create an engaging way to help people to appreciate and to learn about the world of The Macallan. Using the finest quality oils Roja has created a range of elegantly styled luxury candles that are without compare.

The Sienna has an intense scent of vanilla and ginger spice is lightened with some zesty orange. Naughty, but decidedly nice.

"The softness of vanilla creates a perfect base onto which I have blended zesty orange and a bright fresh spice note as my interpretation of The Macallan Sienna." - Roja Dove


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